Riveting Hurghada, Egypt’s Red Sea Resort Town

This place is located in the golden sands of the Red Sea coat and the most popular resort town of Hurghada is the awesome place to visit in any season especially for a beach holiday in Egypt. People from every age gather here from across the globe and enjoys the swim in turquoise water. Intriguing with the coral configurations and schools of fishes with various colors also attract the tourists. This is best for water-sport fanatics who have a craze for swimming

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Likewise, the Three Corners Sunny Beach Hotel encourages guests to take part in the conservation and environmental care process by following energy-saving measures in their electricity and water usage.Prior to the 1970s, however, Hurghada was little more than a small, quiet fishing village. It wasn’t until the 1980s that the area’s water-sports potential came to light, drawing investors from around the region. As Hurghada quickly grew into a resort centre, its tourism infrastructure strengthened. Today there are dozens of top-notch Hurghada resorts, many of which balance the area’s growing development against a commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism. The Golden Five Paradise Resort, for example, enforces strict water-sports regulations designed to protect the fragile coral reefs that line its beaches.